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Category: Unified Messaging

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Last Resort Exchange Recovery

Until recent years, most small and medium-sized businesses had their own Exchange Server. However, most don’t have the money for a redundant server out-of-state. Further, Exchange Service Packs and other required […]

Cavemen Carry iPhones

iPhone Not Relevant

Apple iPhones account for nearly 35% of our help desk calls. The iPhone issues are generally: Inability to connect to Exchange for business e-mail Calendar sync issues iTunes updates wipe all […]

Future Phone

Zander goes into Best Buy. One of the 5 phone sales people pounces immediately. Before “I need a phone” was out of his mouth, it was some crap literature shoved in […]

Bungled Unified Messaging

We’ve done more than our share of firefighting over the last 30 days. While there are a lot of acceptable approaches to technology, straying from or outright ignoring best practices […]

Top 25 Reasons for Windows Phone 7

First there was Blackberry, then Windows Mobile (RIM had to start giving away the Blackberry Enterprise Server), nearly 5 years later iPhone, and 2 years after that Android. Now Microsoft […]

Mailbox Upgrade

Microsoft Exchange 2010 was released last month. If you’re still running Exchange 2003, this would be a good time to break that old arbitrary rule about always staying one version […]